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To make the chart concept even more powerful, integrate other media in the Setting slide to increase engagement and make the experience more interesting. For example, sketch only the two axes of a chart on the slide, as shown on the lower-right slide in Figure 7-4. When you show the chart axes, say something like, I know you all are familiar with what is happening in our industry, especially after the last Trey Research report. After a pause, position the stylus on the screen of your Tablet PC and draw a line traveling upward and then downward as you say, Things have been good, but now they are turning in another direction. Since people don t usually write directly on screen during a presentation, this technique is sure to be memorable and catch everyone s attention. If you don t have a Tablet PC, do something similar by drawing the chart axes on a ip chart before your talk and then placing the chart near the podium. When you re ready, move to the ip chart and draw a similar line there.

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Compared to your previous attempt, this code introduces the text variable and adds each line onto the end of it in turn. When the iteration over the file has finished that is, when you run out of lines text contains the entire file in a single string ready for you to use. That s a simple-looking way to get the file into a single string and count the lines, but File also has other methods that can be used to read files more quickly. For example, you can rewrite the preceding code like this:

lines = File.readlines("text.txt") line_count = lines.size text = lines.join puts "#{line_count} lines"

Using a video is a great way to capture everyone s attention at the start of a presentation, especially when you present to large groups. If you have the resources to produce a video clip, make it brief to illustrate the headline on the Setting slide, or perhaps extend an extra bit of time to cover the headline of the Role slide. Sketch a note on the corresponding slides to indicate that s what you ll do there.

Much simpler! File implements a readlines method that reads an entire file into an array, line by line. You can use this both to count the lines and join them all into a single string.

ActivePython is a Python distribution from ActiveState (http://www.activestate.com). At its core, it s the same as the standard Python distribution for Windows. The main difference is that it includes lots of extra goodies (modules) that are available separately. Definitely worth a look if you are running Windows. Stackless Python is a reimplementation of Python, based on the original code, but with some important internal changes. To a beginning user, these differences won t show up much, and one of the more standard distributions would probably be more useful. The main advantages of Stackless Python are that it allows deeper levels of recursion and more efficient multithreading. As mentioned, both of these are rather advanced features, not needed by the average user. You can get Stackless Python from http://www.stackless.com.

The second easiest statistic to work out is the number of characters in the file. As you ve collected the entire file into the text variable, and text is a string, you can use the length method that all strings supply to get the exact size of the file, and therefore the number of characters. To the end of the previous code in analyzer.rb, add the following:

Next, on the Role slide, sketch something that engages the audience in the setting and puts them in the middle of the action. If you sketched a photograph on the Setting slide, as shown earlier on the upper-left slide in Figure 7-4, use the same sketch on this slide. During the presentation, write directly on the photograph using the stylus of your Tablet PC, crossing out the word decline and then writing on the screen increase!, as shown on the upper-left slide in Figure 7-5. If you don t have a Tablet PC, later add to this slide a text box with the word decline using the Text Box tool available in the Text group on the Insert tab of the Ribbon.

total_characters = text.length puts "#{total_characters} characters"

If you ran analyzer.rb now with the Oliver Twist text, you d get output like this:

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